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These are Some of the Best Spices for Grilled Lamb

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With grilling season underway, Superior Farms knows that home cooks all over the country are enjoying the opportunity to bring new flavors to their barbecues. American lamb is a great choice for any home cook that wants to experience a protein that is different from the usual chicken or beef but delicious, nonetheless. Superior Farms realizes that many home cooks that are new to lamb may not know some of the spices that pair well with a grilled cut and, here, provides a short list of some of the best spices to pack tons of flavor into your grilled lamb.


Cumin provides an earthy bitterness that pairs exceptionally well with the flavors of lamb. Cumin can be used either ground or whole to form a crust on your lamb as it grills. While the flavors of cumin raw can be a bit brash, its flavors begin to mellow out in high heat to create a grassier and more vibrant flavor as the meat cooks. Cumin is also a great choice because its bitterness goes well with the light char that you can achieve with grilling, and the spice infuses flavor into the fat of lamb as it melts with no extra effort on your part.


Harissa is a North African chili paste that contains ingredients such as roasted peppers, garlic paste, coriander seeds, caraway seeds, cumin, and olive oil. Harissa is growing more popular in American cooking because it provides standout flavors to proteins such as lamb. Adding some harissa to your lamb marinade before grilling imparts a spicy, smoky flavor profile that pairs well with the char from the grill. Harissa also gives a fresh flavor to grilled lamb- but be careful not to include too much into your marinade if you are sensitive to spicier additions.


Rosemary is considered a common spice for lamb, whether it be grilled, pan seared, baked, or stewed. The herbaceous and woodsy flavor that rosemary imparts onto lamb is unlike any other spice, and rosemary also combines well with other common additions to spice rubs and marinades such as garlic and citrus. Rosemary can be added chopped or whole to grilled lamb, but always be sure to avoid exposing it to too much direct heat or it may alter its flavor.

Curry Powder

Curry powder is a great addition for grilled lamb because it includes spices that capture all the most important flavors to pair with it. The spices used to create curry powder can vary, but many will include a mix of cumin, turmeric, fenugreek, and others that are commonly included in Indian cuisine. There are also many different varieties of curry powder available such as Jamaican curry powder and vadouvan- a French variation. If you are interested in using curry powder for grilling lamb, consider making your own mix that takes your palate into account.

Superior Farms is Thinking of You During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Superior Farms

Superior Farms would like to extend our sympathy and support to all of the families in America who are currently suffering emotionally, financially and physically on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. Superior Farms is committed to putting the health and safety of our employee-owners and customers above all else. We understand the entire food industry is deeply impacted right now. Superior Farms has reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic by putting our focus on three objectives.

The first objective of Superior Farms is to ensure that we can answer the call of providing unmatched lamb products. There has been an incredible spike in retail demand for lamb, so our team has done everything in their power to ensure that all families are able to enjoy the highest quality lamb products. The second objective correlates with the first as our team looks to process as many lambs as possible. Finally, we are committed to supporting the food service and its customers as much as we can as each region considers plans to re-open. It is easy to focus on the negative during a pandemic; it’s our goal to be as positive and as proactive as possible.

Being proactive has helped Superior Farms put our company in the best position possible throughout the pandemic. At the start of March, Superior Farms enacted plans and procedures focused on employee safety. Employees were encouraged to stay home when feeling sick or running a fever, certain positions shifted to work-from-home status, and all facilities increased cleanliness and sanitation efforts.

Tough times provide opportunities for Superior Farms to notice the efforts employee owners make to keep the company great. The whole team has stepped up during the pandemic to exhibit why Superior Farms is known for qualities like respect, integrity, quality, accountability, dedication and more In addition to internal measures, Superior Farms is giving back to the community in this time of great need. The team has donated 5,000 pounds of product, which is valued at 50k to the Family Meal Initiative. Local restaurants in the Sacramento area are utilizing lamb from Superior Farms to help feed families in need.

We encourage you to visit our website often for the latest news and updates as we continue to push forward and think positive during this extremely difficult time.

Superior Farms Explains Why Your Restaurant Should Add Lamb to The Menu

Superior Farms has been helping restaurants incorporate lamb onto their menu items since 1964. As people continue to look for lean alternatives to fattier meats, lamb consumption is on the rise. Lamb also helps a restaurant diversify its menu from their competitors. Superior Farms believes lamb should be more popular in America and the fact that it helps a business standout from their competition is just part of the reason.

As the world grows more aware of the impact human decisions make on our environment, patrons of restaurants want to know that the places where they eat are environmentally conscious. Those who work with Superior Farms can rest assured that the company providing their lamb products is taking every precaution to offer their lamb in a way that puts the environment first. What does that mean? It all starts with how the lamb is raised and treated. In order for a sheep rancher to be a producer partner of Superior Farms, they must make a commitment to also be stewards of the land where their flock grazes.  Additionally, the Superior Farms facility in California utilizes energy from wind and solar, reduces water consumption and uses food packaging that minimizes waste. Lamb product packed in airtight packaging ensures that the lamb remains fresh for as long as possible, which helps extend product life and lower unnecessary waste.

Superior Farms works with restaurants who have chefs who understand the countless combinations of dishes and entrees that are presented to them when they utilize lamb as their main protein. Superior Farms offers several value-added items that are pre-cooked and pre-seasoned, making it easy to serve American lamb.  The Superior Farms blog is regularly updated with new items and recipes so that restaurants can continue to find new ways to inspire the chefs who utilize their lamb.

Another great selling point for restaurants is that Superior Farms offers lamb product that is Halal Certified. This is a key selling point for both those who require this based on religious and dietary needs. Quite simply, lamb is the meat that provides restaurants with an alternative to chicken and beef that customers will want to come back and enjoy time after time.