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Superior Farms has been a leading producer of lamb to grocery stores and restaurants since 1964.  The company has earned their reputation as the premier provider of lamb in the United States in large part due to their commitment to running a company focused on sustainability and quality. Superior Farms learned early that in order to produce the best lamb they needed to show the proper respect to the flock, the land where they roam and the ranchers who work with them.

When it comes to respecting the flock, it all stems from how the flock is raised. To be a Superior Farms rancher, you must  take outstanding care of the lamb you raise.  Superior Farms ranchers provide vast grasslands for the lamb to roam freely. All lamb should be able to feed on natural vegetation as they have for all prior centuries. A flock first mentality is all about respect. When you have respect for the animals, it makes all the difference in the world.

Superior Farms believes that their emphasis on sustainability has been the key component to their longevity. Customers like knowing that they are supporting a company that treats the animal and the planet with respect. The practices of sustainability by Superior Farms starts in the pasture with ranchers who are as committed to the proper care of animals and the land they live on as anyone in the industry.

Superior Farms and Sustainability

Sustainability at its core is about reducing waste of a product and implementing practices that help the environment. Obviously, the issue of the decline of our planet’s natural resources is a concern for all. Superior Farms looks to do their part through the inclusion of solar panels and a wind turbine at their California facility that offsets more than 90% of the plant’s total energy use. Superior Farm ranchers go the extra mile by grazing lamb in vineyards, which helps reduce the use of heavy equipment to replenish nutrients and microbes in the soil.

The solar panel system is the just the most recent initiative in Superior Farm’s overall commitment to running an eco-friendly business. Superior Farms understands how much the earth has provided for their company and believes that giving back to the earth is something every food business should prioritize. Beyond the solar panels, Superior Farms has made extensive efforts to reduce their use of water, diesel fuel and plastics. As more data comes out regarding the importance of conservation, Superior Farms is committed to making whatever changes are necessary to better protect our environment.

Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Anders Hemphill, did a nice job of summarizing Superior Farms’ commitment to the environment saying, “Our employee owned company is proud to be making significant strides in our commitment to providing sustainably raised American lamb, though clean energy solutions and careful considerations regarding water use, transportation, packaging, and more.”

Hemphill continued, “We lead the industry in our sustainability efforts while supporting local, rural communities and American farming families, and providing a homegrown alternative to imported lamb which must be shipped thousands of miles.”

One of the benefits of reducing the use of plastics has been the addition of vacuum skin packaging. Not only has the introduction of vacuum skin packaging reduced the company’s use of plastic by a third, it’s also helped lamb stay fresh for longer. The packaging being vacuumed sealed means that those who resell the lamb have no need to repackage it. This is great for two reasons. Obviously, the first is that there’s even less reason for more plastic to be utilized. The second is that the vacuum seal helps keep the lamb fresh for longer periods of time. This allows less product to go to waste.

Our People and Processes

Superior Farms is made up of more than 1,000 American family ranchers who have all committed to the brand’s commitment to animal wellbeing and sustainability. As mentioned above, all lamb must be able to openly pasture their lands and live off the grazing of the land. This is not only beneficial to the lives of the lamb but also to the land they graze. Lambs living off the land provide natural fertilization, wildfire suppression and erosion mitigation. Often, our ranchers will work with other crop farms in order to bring lamb onto their fields to graze on crops after they have been harvested. There are many benefits to this. The first is that the lambs eating these crops boost the level of organic matter in the soil, which in turn makes the fields more fertile in the future. The second main benefit is that it reduces the amount of time tractors need to be utilized on the fields. Superior Farms is particularly proud of this point as this helps lower carbon emissions dramatically.

As public awareness regarding the challenges facing the planet grows, consumers are adjusting their shopping habits. Research now shows more than 75 percent of consumers purposely seek out a business with sustainable services over non-sustainable companies. While this isn’t necessarily the driving force behind Superior Farm’s commitment to sustainability, the company does appreciate that their customers share their appreciation and respect for the lamb and the land.

One of the other great benefits of lamb is that it provides a healthier, lean alternative to chicken and beef. It also doesn’t sacrifice flavor. In fact, Superior Farms may be a little biased, but they believe that the taste of lamb is far superior to other meats. Much like beef, lamb can come in many different cuts. All of which provide the perfect centerpiece for a variety of dishes. The recipes on the Superior Farms website show that lamb can be served in a tremendous array of dishes. For example, a lot of people think of chicken when they think of a Caesar salad. However, Superior Farm invites cooks to check out American Lamb Caesar salads. From salads and stews to pastas and holiday entrees, lamb can do it all.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about Superior Farms. The company is committed to spreading awareness of the benefits of lamb and setting an example for what it means to be an American-based company that truly cares about the environment. If you want to feel great about what you’re eating and feel even better about the source of where your food comes from, you must give Superior Farms a try!